lundi 6 juin 2011

Chocolate Fondue Party !!!

You're invited to A Chocolate Fondue Party!!

"French Speaking Nigerians" is hosting the first Chich Fondue Party in Lagos and you are invited. 

The word fondue is derived from the French verb "fondre" which basically means "to melt". The concept originated in Switzerland !

There'll be
Chocolate fondue
Cheese fondue
Cream Fondue

Think of the most deliciously different things to dip into the "fondue”, and the craziest ! We will be cutting-up and dipping almost anything, from cakes, marshmellows, baguette, cookies, crackers, wafers and biscuits to exotic fruits like apples, pineapples, bananas, etc. 

The most essential ingredient, however, is to share the experience with french speaking nigerians, francophone and francophiles. So come dip, chat, laugh, eat and enjoy. That’s fondue fun.

Gate fee is N500 and every one will buy his / her own drinks 

Mmmmmmmmm... Chocooooooooolate !!!

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